About Us

About Us – ARD Reason Equestrian

Bringing You Unique, Stylish and Comfortable Equestrian Clothing

Ard Reason Equestrian was founded by me, Ashleigh Fox. I too am an Equestrian, a true equestrian rider who loves riding across many disciplines.

I always looked up to the riders who were fortunate enough to have the latest high priced rider wear, perfectly polished matching tack and the very best equipment. However, i wasn’t in a position to afford to be like this. I had to use my money wisely. Most of it going on the shows i attended, in terms of travel and entry fees.

My Inspiration

This was my inspiration to launch Ard Reason Equestrian. I wanted to launch a brand of affordable clothing which did not sacrifice on quality. It was important to me to develop a brand which stood up against the high priced premium brands, that riders like me couldn’t afford. I wanted the riders who wore my brand to feel confident and comfortable. The premium ‘bling’ factor was necessary too, i wanted my riders to sparkle as they entered the ring with belief, suppressing the nerves, instilling the confidence.

I was determined to offer affordability to all. Especially in the Junior range. We are in very un-precedented times, and money can be tight for many people. By us buying in bulk and carefully selecting our products we are able to keep our Junior range at a great price. This means we can still offer the same quality and ‘bling’ of more premium priced brands. All at a price that doesn’t make your eyes water. 

Why Ard Reason, well, Ard Reason is my 17.3 Irish Bay Sports Horse. She is an important part of my life, so important i named my brand after her.

So, whether you are a Show Jumper, Dressage Rider, Trail Rider, Happy Hacker or a Groom, Ard Reason Equestrian will have something for you. We use the best suppliers, using the best high technology fabrics with the best quality components. As a brand, we simply don’t compromise, priding ourselves on every product we sell. We have products for both Adults and Juniors, as well as some accessories. However, we also have treats for our other family favourite, yes, the dog.

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