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Hairdresser by Day, Designer by Night

Since leaving school I’ve always worked as a Hairdresser in a salon or done hair at home, its always been rewarding making people feel good about themselves, after all you don’t feel dressed if your hair isn’t done.

Growing up hairdressing wasn’t the job I wanted to do far from it actually,

I have always had a passion for design.

As a little girl I used to draw dolls and then I would draw clothes adding them to my dolls once they were cut out. My grandma would always say “you will be a designer when you are older” but at that age I wanted to be a nin (nun in adult language) I think that was through watching sister act.

As I got older I loved decorating things from grandmas Xmas tree, party tables, to decorating my bedroom. I really had an eye for colour co ordination and design.

Throughout school my aim as an adult was to become an interior designer however I was unable to do so because you could spell FUDGE with my GCSE’s.

I never stuck in at school and most the time I got told off for talking. I was one of those kids who’s report constantly read easily distracted. Even as an adult I find it very hard to learn and take in things I have no interest in, but if I am interested in a subject I can take things in quite quickly even from watching a YouTube video I can learn a trade within minutes.

I’ve always been money motivated and independent, my mam used to say you need to marry a rich man (jokingly) but I couldn’t think of nothing worse depending on a man, I like to have my own money and spend it on what I want, when I want.

I mainly buy crap I don’t need for my horse’s or dog so I don’t think a man would let me anyway lol.

Whilst at school I managed to get a little job, I used to get the bus from school into the city centre where I worked in a little under ground café for £1.50 an hour and I absolutely hated it anyone who knows me knows I hate human germs and with me being the youngster guess who had to clean the toilets.

The man I used to work with was the real life version of scrooge, your breaks were timed by the minute, you weren’t allowed any food for your break unless it was paid for and you most certainly couldn’t have a laugh with your fellow workers otherwise you weren’t working.

After leaving school I went straight to college and got an apprentice Hairdresser role at a salon (how did this come about I hear you say) well one of my friends wanted to do hairdressing on the cruise ships, I had no idea what I wanted to do or what I could do with my rubbish grades so I signed up to do the same.

Since leaving school I have worked in 3 salons, milked cows, worked in 1 café, 2 bars and cleaned a hotel.

Salons and hairdressing were my main job but I done others trying to make more income at the same time. I have worked in a total of 3 salons and at the age of 34 I realised I just didn’t fit in.

My life consists of work and horses there’s no in-between I don’t watch soaps, I don’t have a nightlife and I have no time for gossip.

Hairdressers have a bad reputation for being gossips and bi**hy unfortunately most the time this is the case! this is how I just didn’t fit in. I don’t care who gets on with who, I don’t care who is having an affair and I couldn’t care less about the made up rumours people spread about each other in my head I’m in my field poo picking, that is my boring life but I absolutely love it.

When your personality clashes with the others around you it makes you the target for their gossip and at my age I just cant be bothered with the drama and this is why I decided I wanted my own business and most importantly I wanted to be my own boss.

I’ve never been into the latest fashion because I have always lived in my horse wear and spent unnecessary money on my pets. I always found when I went to buy some more riding wear it was hard to find items that were a little unique or had a bit bling on and anything that did match that description were an absolute fortune to buy.

After much thought and a pandemic I decided I wanted to make my own clothes and I wanted them to be affordable for everyone but not lack in quality.

I had a hard start and had to burn most items I received from dodgy suppliers, It cost me a lot of money and money I didn’t have.

Eventually I found my supplier, he is more pricey than others but his quality is amazing and he helps me design my items. It starts with me sending him pencil drawings and then he turns them into digital drawings and then beautiful, unique and stylish clothing.

So ladies and gentlemen that is how Ard Reason Equestrian was created a little girl with no grades but big dreams and determination. You can be anything you want you just need to work hard for it and take the ups with the downs.